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 Anta is one of the Town in Anta Mandal in Baran District in Rajasthan State . Anta is 23 km far from its District Main City Barana . It is 202 km far from its State Main City Jaipur. 
Amalsara , Bala Khera , Baldara , Bamooliya Mataji , Bargaon , Barwa , ... . are the villages along with this village in the same Anta Mandal
Brahmani Mata ji  Sorsan

The temple of Brahmani Mata is about 20 Km. from Baran in the village Sorsan. The `Akhand Jyoti` is continously flowing in the temple since last 400 years. The statue of Brahmani Mata is situated under the large natural rock in the cave. The fair is organized on Shiv Ratri every year.

Shahbad Fort

Shahabad fort is the one of the best and strongest fort amongst the forts in Hadoti area. It is situated about 80 km. from Baran. The fort was constructed by the Chauhan Vanshi Dhandhel Rajput Mukutmani Dev in the century 1521 (Samvat 1577). This is situated in the dense forest area on the high mountain ranges. The fort is surrounded by Kundakoh valley on two sides. Third and fourth sides are surrounded by Ponds and high rocks respectively. The Topkhana(artillery), Barudkhana and some temples in the forts are still secure. It is said that the fort had 18 Cannons(Topes) in the past and one of the cannon was 19 feet.
Shergarh Fort

The historic Shergarh fort is situated about 65 Km. from Baran district hqts. in Atru tehsil. Sitting atop a hillock on the bank of Parban river, the fort of Shergarh looks impregnable. The fort stands a little detached from the walled township, which boasts of its ancient Brahmanical and Jain temples. A stone edict of 790 AD proves the antiquity of the place, which was once known as Koshvardhan. The fort is one of the best forts in Rajasthan in the present time.
Sita Bari

Sitabari is an ideal picnic spot, situated about 45Km from Baran in Kelwara kasba on National Highway road connecting Shivpuri-Gwalior. This is a holy worship place. It is well known in the area that `Sita mata` has lived in this place after being left-out by Bhagwan Ram. This place is also known as the birth-place of Lav & Kush. There are several Kunds in Sitabari namely Balmiki Kund, Sita Kund, Laxman Kund, Surya Kund, Lav-Kush Kund. Sita-Kuti is also situated in the forest area near the temple. The tribal Sahariya fair is held at this place in the May/June every year.
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