CMP Initiatives (Class I to V) of the Vidyalaya

CMP Activities for the Session 2018-19


{C}·        Hindi poem recitation

{C}·        English calligraphy 

{C}·        Greeting card making 

{C}·        Annual day


{C}·        Display board competition (class wise)

{C}·        Hindi calligraphy

{C}·        English poem recitation


{C}·        Celebration of Independence Day

{C}·        Fancy dress

{C}·        Rangoli competition


{C}·        Hindi pakhwara

{C}·        Hindi skit

{C}·        Hindi poem recitation

{C}·        Hindi slogan writing

{C}·        Story telling

{C}·        Hindi extempore     


{C}·        Celebration of Grand Parents day

{C}·        Group song

{C}·        Celebration of Grand parents Day

{C}·        Display board Competition

{C}·        Drawing and painting


{C}·        Community lunch and Bal Diwas Programme

{C}·        i)  Picnic/ Outing

{C}·        ii)  Educational excursion


{C}·        Display board competition


{C}·        Republic Day celebration

House wise

{C}·        Group dance

{C}·        English and Hindi rhyming (For 1st and 2nd)

{C}·        English and Hindi poem recitation

{C}·        Story telling

{C}·        Extempore

{C}·        Slogan writing competition

{C}·        Greeting card making

{C}·        Fancy dress

{C}·        Group dance

{C}·        Group song

{C}·        Drawing and painting

{C}·        Hindi/English skit


{C}§  {C}  Balloon Bursting(Boys)  Class -I,II

{C}§  {C}   Ball Throwing

{C}§  {C}  Skipping Race(Girls) Class –IV,V

{C}§  {C}   Socks –Shoe-Lace tigh ting event Class  I, II

{C}§  {C}  Jalebi  Race-(Boys & Girls)-III

{C}§  {C}  Sack Race(Boys)-V

{C}§  {C}  Ready for school(Boys)-IV,V

{C}§  {C}  Needle & Thread (Girls)-IV,V

{C}§  {C}   Spoon & Marble Race (Boys & Girls)-III        

{C}§  {C}Three Legged race(Boys & Girls)-IV.V



CMP I/c.                                                                                                                     Principal